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Holy Trinity School Opens In Bay St. Louis

As they prepared to take a nap, some preschoolers sang a familiar song.

"The wheels on the bus go round and round, all around the town."

The wheels of change are in motion as the newly-merged Holy Trinity Catholic School opened in Bay St. Louis Thursday.

"The atmosphere is very uplifting," said teacher Nancy Artigues. "Everyone is very thrilled to be here, and ready to start a new, fresh year."

For everybody, it was a day of transition. Nancy Artigues taught at St. Clare in Waveland. After Katrina, she moved to Bay Catholic, which is now known as Holy Trinity.

"Bay Catholic parents were losing their identity and the St. Clare's parents were losing theirs," said Artigues. "But finally now, the unknown is usually the worst, and now that they're all here, they realize it's perfect. It's fine."

One of those parents is Ann Verlander.  She enrolled two of her children in the school.

"Even though we were sad that St. Clare was closing, a lot of the St. Clare teachers and kids came here," said Ann Verlander. "So it really is a merge of the two schools, and I think it's a great environment for our children."

Because of the merger, the school gained 140 students. That allowed the school to add an art class, a part time counselor, and double every class.

While tragedy brought them together, the principal says teamwork and understanding will serve as keys to their success.

"We're all on the same page," said principal Janet Buras. "We've come together this morning in prayer to unite as one family. We have developed a new mission statement, and a new school song."

"Holy Trinity, Father, spirit, son. We come together here as one."

Because the school had plenty of space available, it was able to accommodate every teacher and staff member who wanted to transfer from St. Clare Elementary.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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