State Trying To Make Deadly Jackson County Intersection Safer

Barbara Martin said the Highway 63 intersection near Hurley has been the site of several tragic accidents. On more occasions than she can remember, she's seen ambulances rush victims to the hospital. Martin had a unique perspective of Sunday's accident. She was in the car that got hit by Cody Bolen's mom.

Because of the crash at the Highway 63 Highway 614 intersection, Mrs. Martin cracked a couple of ribs. And her husband damaged his throat. "They had to pry him out of the vehicle," she said. They'll both be okay.

But that can't be said for the people in the car that hit the Martins.

Ten year old Cody Bolen died. And nine year old Cheyenne Folden needed surgery to repair her injuries.

Martin said, "I'm thinking very much about the young mother with the three children that she had to awake this morning and relive this accident, thinking about her children."

Buck Allen was the first Jackson County fireman at the scene. He said Cody wasn't wearing his seat belt when the cars collided. Allen said the incident "was really unfortunate. The little boy was supposed to get baptized yesterday. It really touched me after I got here and thought about it. It was really sad."

It was somewhat ironic that Barbara Martin was part of this accident. For 15 years, Martin's East Central Civic Association has begged the state department of transportation to put a fully functioning traffic light at the Highway 63 Highway 614 intersection. In about a month, a light will be up and running. It will be there a month to late for a 10 year old boy.

"But we know the boy is with the Lord," Martin said. "And that's got to be a comfort to everybody in that family."

Cody Bolen's family spent the day making funeral arrangements. They haven't been finalized yet. Friends from Wade Baptist Church called to say they've set up an account in Cody's memory. It's at M-&-M Bank.