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Hotels Around the Country Make Guests Feel Welcome

  Hotels and motels in Mississippi and around the country are taking the time to show how much they appreciate people continuing to travel. Choice Hotels has launched a new $8 million dollar campaign called "Thank You For Traveling." Coast managers say business has slowed since the September 11th terrorist attacks. That's why they want to thank people who don't let terrorism keep them from enjoying themselves.

  Hotel manager Connie Cuevas said "It's just our way of showing people thanks for traveling and not letting terrorists scare them. So it's just our way of showing thanks."

  Guests who visit the hotels are greeted with big yellow banners with a picture of the American Flag and the words "Thank You For Traveling".

"Like President Bush said the best way we can help is to get back to business and this campaign encourages people to do just that," said hotel owner Sam Bhakta.

  Officials with the Hotel Motel Association say companies aren't putting a lot of dollars into advertising. That's because there's no sense in promoting themselves to people who just aren't willing to travel right now. That's why they're thanking people once they decide to make the trip, and hotel managers say guests seem to appreciate the sentiment..

"Everybody just smiles and asks about it when they come in," said Cuevas.

"Some people need encouraging to travel right now," said Maxine Issa, a hotel guest. "Personally I still like traveling and like to get around, but I think there are people who are a little hesitant to travel now."

On Tuesday morning representatives from several coast hotels will be at the Gulfport Biloxi Regional Airport greeting tourists.

by Danielle Thomas

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