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Gulfport Permit Fees Reduced

The Gulfport City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to reduce building permit fees and eliminate plan review fees.

Last month, the City began offering refunds to residents and contractors that had paid permit fees to repair hurricane damages. While that initial effort was helpful to those rebuilding, the City decided a long-term fee restructuring was necessary. 

"Upon the Mayor's urging, the City did a market comparison with other City's in the region of similar size, and we immediately realized that our fees were too high," Larry Jones, Director of Urban Development said. "With this reduction, Gulfport will be right in line with the average building permit fee in South Mississippi."

Officials say that the new fee structure will reflect a reduction of approximately one-third of the existing permit cost. They are hopeful that their efforts will provide additional incentive to homeowners and contractors looking to build in Gulfport.

"The lower fees will be a benefit to everyone, whether you are remodeling your home or building a new home or business," Jones said.

The new fee structure will go into effect 30 days after the Mayor signs the ordinance.

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