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Bugs Bugging You? You're Not Alone.

If insects seem to be bugging you more now than they did a year ago, it's no coincidence. Local exterminators say the hurricane sparked two different pest control issues.

First, many people didn't realize they had termites until after their homes were gutted, and are now getting their houses treated. Then there are calls from people who are finding insects and other pests in their homes - ones that don't normally live indoors.

Complaints at Bay Pest Control about brown recluse spiders have quadrupled and the owner believes he knows why.

"We have seen an increase in problems which is primarily related to the fact that most of the natural habit where the insects would live has been wiped out. Consequently, they are moving to other areas and we're finding some insects in houses and areas where we didn't find them before," Bruno Milanese with Bay Pest Control said.

To help keep insects out, experts recommend homeowners seal any cracks or openings. They also suggest keeping piles of firewood or debris far from the house.

Two spiders capable of injecting a toxic venom are the brown recluse and the black widow. Click here to learn more about controlling these two spiders around homes and landscapes in Mississippi.

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