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New Beginning For One Of Biloxi's Oldest Businesses

With a blessing of peace and consolation for grieving families, Father Tony Arguelles sprinkled holy water throughout Bradford O'Keefe's new chapel. Katrina's water and mud filled the building and a ribbon cutting unveiled a updated look for one of Biloxi's oldest businesses. 

Company President Jeff O'Keefe says, "We feel like we're halfway home. Most of you are probably aware, we suffered a lot of damage, not only at this location, but also at downtown Gulfport."

O'Keefe made the arrangements for several members of Cleo Meaut's family. 

"It means a lot to the community, means a lot. In fact, I had a brother who just died recently and he had to be buried from the other funeral home, which, I was wishing he could be buried here," says the Biloxi resident.

O'Keefe says with the reopening of the Biloxi business they can now focus on the Gulfport funeral home. The storm washed away the bottom of the beachfront structure, but pretty much left the second floor untouched.

"What we've also done is set a temporary pole and extended some electricity upstairs to heat and cool the second story that was largely undamaged. So we're kind of waiting 'til we get the blueprints and then we hope to begin moving forward with that."

O'Keefe can't say when exactly that will happen, but he says his family is commited to continuing a tradition his great-great-grandfather started.

by Marcia Hill

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