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Moss Point Couple's Capital Murder Case Goes To A Grand Jury

"The obligation that is oppressed upon us is to not make conjectures, but go out and find the facts and make a proper charge against a proper party," defense attorney Calvin Taylor says.

Taylor says there is no evidence to prove the actions of April Smothers and Willie Blake lead to the death 4-year-old Wyishia Smothers.

"There is no abuse whatsoever that they were able to show against anybody."

Smothers and Blake are suspected of beating Wyishia Smothers at their home on General McArthur Street in Moss Point.

In a closed door preliminary hearing, Taylor told the judge that April Smothers' eight-year-old son might be to blame for her Wyishia's death.

"I think that is what happening in Moss Point is nobody wants to believe that an eight-year-old can do this. I do not want to believe it. I have children. But as a professional and a obligation to investigate the entire case."

According to Moss Point Police, the eight-year-old boy told investigators that he did get into the bed with his brother the morning the incident occurred and remembers Wyishia falling out.

Also during the hearing, the eight-year-old boy's former principal at East Park Elementary testified that the boy was expelled for unruly conduct and fighting.

"You heard the principal state that this was probably the most disruptive child she ever witnessed in this age group."

But police say because of evidence of bruising on Wyishia's body shown on the preliminary autopsy report, it was highly unlikely that the eight-year-old did the crime.

For now, both Blake and Smothers will have to tell their story to a grand jury.

By Patrice Clark

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