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3 Doors Down Surprises Fans In Jackson County

"That handsome fellow", Matt Roberts said as he looked his yearbook picture. "It's been a long time since I saw that. Much younger."

When asked if he noticed anything different, Roberts answered, "The hair. I got less hair."

The young man in the 1996 yearbook is now a famous rock star, part of the home-grown band 3 Doors Down.

"My homeroom class was right there," said Roberts as he pointed to room #4.

Roberts says Resurrection Catholic High School in Pascagoula prepared him for life in the spotlight.

"It's where I graduated from high school," said Roberts. "You only graduate from high school once, and this happened to be the place. It was a good school. I had a great time here, and a lot of great memories".

Roberts returned to Resurrection ten years later to help his alma mater recover from Katrina.

"What's up guys?" Roberts asked.

"Oh my gosh!" several fans shouted.

In front of about two dozens fans, Roberts handed over a $25,000 check to the principal. He also signed the check with his famous autograph.

"Lots of practice on that," Roberts said.

"Wow," Principal Darnell Cuevas said in amazement.

The money will help replenish the school library.

"So they can get their library program up and running," said Roberts. "I thought that was very important and it's my alma mater and I have to take care of it. I feel it's my responsibility."

The library was the only dry room in the building, but the school did lose all of its checked-out books, textbooks and equipment in the flood waters. The loss totaled $75,000.

"It's wonderful that somebody like Matt is coming back and giving back to the community," said librarian Laura Thompson. "Resurrection is a wonderful school and for him to remember that as he grows up and wants to give back."

Fourth grader Cassidy Williams was thrilled to get his autograph and a bonus hug.

"I was nervous. I was shy," said Cassidy Williams. "I got a hug from him and a shake.  It was great!"

"I think it's important to give back personally," said Roberts. "To come back to the place where you grew up, you went to school. I still consider this my home. So just wanted to help and glad I'm in the position to be able to."

3 Doors Down also delivered a $75,000 check to the Presbyterian Volunteer Village in Gautier. Another $50,000 went to a non-profit group in South Mobile County. The funds came through the band's The Better Life Foundation, and were raised during a concert and auction last December. Another concert will be held in Mobile on December 2nd.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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