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Poll Workers Say Pass Christian Voter Turn Out Is High

All day Tuesday, residents filed into Pass Christian precincts, casting their votes for one of the three candidates who want to lead Pass Christian's rebirth.

"Everyone who came in said, 'This is very important.' And they're just turning out and glad to come in and want to see the right person get in here and help us out. We need a lot of help," said Jeanelle Barnes, a poll worker at the Kittiwake Baptist Church.

The Ward One Precinct at Kittiwake Baptist Church was a small one, but poll workers say it was filled with voters throughout the day.

"It's been good, very, very steady," Barnes said. "This was the best end, where they had the least damage, so most of the people lived on this end, so everybody's been turning out."

This is Jeanelle Barnes's third time to work the polls at the Kittiwake Baptist Church precinct. She says this is the biggest turnout she's ever seen at this precinct. 

"We've had a good time. We've talked and laughed, but we haven't had much free time, we've just been steady. You know, it's just been a steady flow," Barnes said.

Just four hours before polls closed, nearly 300 voters had cast their ballots, keeping poll workers busy, but they say they don't mind and are glad to be part of what they call one of the most important votes in Pass Christian history.

The three candidates for mayor are Margaret Jean Kalif, Chipper McDermott, and Alice Russell.

By Toni Miles

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