Celebrity Owned Items Go On Auction Block

Anyone who ever wanted to buy something that was once owned by a celebrity got their chance Sunday. Dozens of items belonging to actress Delta Burke went up for bid at an auction in Waveland.

A portrait that used to belong to Delta Burke now it belongs to Jennifer Carter. The new owner says buying a picture of the television actress was like buying one of herself.

"When I was in high school, I actually looked a lot like her, and I have a picture of myself, and my husband says it looks identical to the picture so he wanted to buy it to hang it on the wall next to mine."

For three hours, auctioneers put up about 60 of Burke's belongings on the auction block. The room overflowed with people each with his or her own reasons for wanting a treasure to take home.

"Part of it was curiosity and we did enjoy very much the series Designing Women," Iris Charles said. "Delta Burke is from the South and has continued to tout the South, and I think she's good publicity for the South. We just wanted to support mostly her and see what the things were."

One of the items for sale was a pink sofa featured in the movie "A Promise To Carolyn." It, along with everything else belonging to Delta Burke sold at auction. Auctioneers say dealing with a celebrity auction is quite a different experience.

"You don't know what the prices are going to do.What you would consider to be normal for something might go a little higher being a celebrity," auctioneer Jennings Gilmore said.

Auctioneers plan on having another celebrity auction soon because they say Delta Burke still has a lot of stuff she's thinking about selling. Auctioneers say attendance and selling prices at their auctions have been down slightly because of the economy. They aren't quite sure yet how much money was raised at today's auction.

By Danielle Thomas