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Biloxi Looks To Expand High Traffic Two-Lane Roads

Some Biloxi residents believe the city is on the path to creating better safety on two of its roads. The new budget proposed by Mayor A.J. Holloway includes a $25,000 engineering study on Broadie and Brashier roads. The study would look at widening the two-lane North Biloxi Streets. 

"I love the country road," says Shala Premack.

Brashier Road runs next to her Biloxi house. She doesn't think the road is as safe as it could be for pedestrians or for drivers.

"You can look at the road and see that if you have a flat tire you're in trouble because there's no shoulder," Premack says. "There's nothing, and it's such a traveled road."

An engineering study could help determine the best way to expand Brashier and Broadie Roads. The mayor says with so many new homes going up along both streets, the city is looking to head off future traffic problems.

"I think you have to look at your safety aspect. We have four new subdivisions going up on Brashier Road right now and that area is getting population," says Mayor Holloway. "Broadie Road and Brashier Road, we need to widen those streets because they're very heavily traveled and for the safety of the citizens we need to fix those. It's going to take awhile because we don't have the engineering yet but we do have it in the budget for the engineering on those roads. "

Wider, safer streets sound good but some neighbors worry the improvements will come at a hefty price.

Tony Fragello's subdivision is just off Brashier Road. "It also depends on if they are going to take land from anybody. A lot of people have nice yards and nice houses and they probably don't want to give up too much of their land."

While Shala Premack takes great pride in her yard, she believes any sacrifices would be overshadowed by the benefits.

"To have like a shoulder and the ditch to be under concrete or to even have a sidewalk there, it would be pretty nice," says Premack.

The Biloxi council will hold a budget meeting on August 15th. The new fiscal year begins in October.

by Danielle Thomas

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