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Family Of Billy Evans Speaks Out About His Suicide In The Moss Point Jail

"When the police officers took him from my house, I warned them he had just lost his son and he was grieving and they needed to watch him," Kathy Clapper says.

Clapper and Billy Ray Evans were friends. When Kathy learned Evans killed himself, she was shocked and angry.

"I don't think Billy Evans killed himself, he was not that type of person. But even if he did, I still blame it on the Moss Point Police Department," Clapper says.

So does the rest of Billy Evans' family, including his girlfriend Tammy Cagle. Cagle and Billy Evans were both arrested on domestic violence charges Sunday morning.

Cagle says Moss Point Police did not go through proper procedures after they were arrested. She also claims she never saw a jailer.

"They set me down and told me to take off my rings, made me change into some pants. That is it. Not one search, not one read me my Miranda Rights," Cagle says.

This year there have been two inmate deaths at the Moss Point Jail. While police chief Demetrius Drakford would not do an on camera interview with us, he did say the city jail was short a jailer at the time of Evans' death.

Evans' mother, Martha Boutwell, says that is a big problem.

"I feel like they need a whole new crew down there myself. They need somebody who knows what they are doing, or somebody who does what they know, if they know," Boutwell says.

NAACP Chapter President Curley Clark agrees. Clark has been working with Jesse Hubbard's family after he was found dead in a Moss Point Jail cell.

Clark says it is time for the community to step forward to confront this ongoing issue in the department.

"There should be a public outcry. Because those conditions that exist there does not speak well for the Moss Point community, and I feel the citizens are being short changed," Clark says.

As for the Evans Family, they want justice.

"I'll never stop until I find out or until there is some changes down there. I do not plan to hush," says Boutwell.

By Patrice Clark

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