Laid-Off Beau Rivage Workers Look For Jobs

A Mississippi employment official said it may be tough for the 340 Beau Rivage employees laid off on Wednesday to find jobs that match their old casino salaries.

A dozen former Beau workers sat at the Biloxi employment office Thursday morning and filled out unemployment claim forms. Because fall is traditionally a slow time for coast casinos, they don't do much hiring. That's going to make it hard for the laid off Beau workers to stay in the industry.

"People are going to have to be mobile. They're going to have to be willing to possibly relocate to another area where there aren't that many layoffs going on and the salary scale is upwards such as your metropolitan areas, New Orleans, Mobile such as that," Margaret Dethloff with the state employment office said.

Beau Rivage has asked the Mississippi Development Authority's rapid response team to come down and help the displaced resort workers. Experts will be at the Biloxi Community Center on Tuesday so laid off workers have a place to get job assistance.

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