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New Generator Makes Safe Drinking Water Out Of Air

Few things are more important after a hurricane than safe drinking water. That's why the makers of the AquaMagic Mobile Water Generator say their product can save lives after a disaster.

Some Biloxi firefighters got a chance to check out the machine at a demonstration Tuesday afternoon. It pulls moisture from the air and purifies it to make safe drinking water, literally, out of thin air.

"This particular unit will make 120 gallons per day, and that's nearly a thousand 16-ounce servings. So you could support 100 people, several hundred people, with just one unit," AquaMagic President Jonathan Wright said.

Biloxi is one of dozens of cities on the AquaMagic tour which is making its way through the Gulf states and along the Eastern seaboard. Click here to learn more about the AquaMagic Mobile Water Generator.

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