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Teachers Get Pumped Up For New School Year

Two high school bands - one from Pascagoula, the other from Gautier came together Tuesday morning. They harmonized to show the power of teamwork.

"They are rivals and compete against each other consistently," said Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich. "By bringing in two drum corps from two different places, I think you'll see that whenever they work together, they're a much powerful force."

The Gautier and Pascagoula teachers and staff really pulled together last year, to help their schools triumph over Katrina. The pep rally was a time to celebrate their pride and achievements.

"This has been awesome," said teacher Missy Abston. "We do this every year, but I think this year has been more emotional than ever, because we get to see each other and see that everybody's back, and see that everybody's healthy and there are smiles again."

They also braced for tough challenges ahead.

"The challenge of it is, there are between 6,000 and 8,000 children in the Pascagoula School District who are also looking for someone to save them," said Rodolfich. "Look at this unified body of 1,200 people in this room. If we weave our resources together and find a way, there are many children won't slip through the cracks."

Katrina certainly put them to the test, but the teachers came out winners.

"If Mississippi can recover from the worst natural disaster to ever hit our country, as quickly as we did, if we can do that, then we can certainly meet the needs of every boy and girl in this state," said Dr. Hank Bounds, Mississippi Superintendent of Education.

"I want to thank you for going into your classrooms when you didn't have doors and putting up curtains," said Rodolfich. "I want to thank you for saving children's lives."

Dr. Bounds urged teachers to be patient, as they deal with issues like replacing technology and rebuilding schools. He also says Mississippi has the worst test scores in the country, but if teachers support each other and help their children succeed, then test scores will improve.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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