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A Moss Point Post-Katrina Block Party

It was as if the rain was invisible to these Moss Point residents as they gathered outside the Rhema Word International Fellowship Church for a huge post Katrina celebration.

"This is a block party, yes sir," Pastor Tarvis Brown says.

A party full of dancing, eating, pony rides, and most off all relaxation, something Pastor Tarvis Brown says is needed in a big way after 11 months of rebuilding from such a catastrophic storm.

"People are stressed, people are in need of a dose of hope and we are here to provide that hope," Brown says.

"We are here to prove the world, the city, and the community wrong that blacks and whites and Latinos can and just have a good time," Organizer Shauna Cox says.

Moss Point Resident Josiette Thompson lost everything in Katrina, she says coming to a place where people are smiling and having a good time is rejuvenating.

"We need the love, and if we have the love unity and everything else we need will come together," Moss point Resident Josiette Thompson says.

"People want to know how much you care before they want to know how much you know, I learned the caring is first and foremost," says Louis Daniels.

And through this event, Pastor Brown hopes the loving and caring spirit of Christ spreads to everyone still suffering from Katrina

"The community is what is going to make a difference. We need every hammer and every nail if this community is ever going to be what it use to be," says Brown.

By Patrice Clark

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