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Pascagoula Teachers Receive Much Needed Supplies

Hurricane Katrina heavily damaged a number of South Mississippi schools.

The upcoming post Katrina school year is forcing teachers like Anna Stewart to replace needed equipment while staying within a tight budget.

"It's a thankless job. Some people think we don't do anything because we are off during summer and all of the holidays, but here we are a week before school starts, trying to get a coupon," says Stewart.

Trent Lott Middle School where Stewart works did not escape Katrina's wrath.

She recalls having to dig through molded materials, attempting to salvage whatever she could.

"We had to go through it and pull out the wet stuff and the dry stuff and take them back to our rooms. We had some little critters in there as well," says Stewart.

Thanks to countless donations and help from community events such as this, Staples' Teacher Appreciation Day, educators are getting some help to get ready to head back to school.

"When we came in this morning there was like 35 teachers waiting to get in," says Staples employee Angela Franovich.

"Every little bit helps. When the community stands behind you and you see things like this, you feel compelled to come out as a teacher and an educator," says teacher Bill Stewart.

"Anything you can get to replace something in your class room. We had lots of donations from other places but it's just nice to be appreciated," says Stewart. 

Goody bags handed out to teachers today included items such as pens and pencils, coupons and a calendar.

Staples also currently has an ink cartridge recycling program underway where each school receives three dollars for every cartridge recycled.

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 By Keitha Nelson

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