Tourism Leaders Take Active Role In Drawing Visitors

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the tourism industry as a whole has taken a bit hit, and that includes tourism on the Coast. But officials say there is good news.

Tourism industry leaders met in Jackson on Wednesday to talk about which direction the industry is going in the next several months based on the terrorist attacks. Mississippi is not suffering as badly as other states because we are what's called a "drive" market, and visitors have been more willing to drive than fly.

The conference also included what Mississippi is doing to address the change in the industry.

"We're announcing today a really wonderful in state Mississippi campaign," Darien Wilson with the state tourism office said. "We're going to promote what is good about our state to Mississippians, because we think there are a lot of people in this state who may be canceling trips other places and they may not know what they could take advantage of in their backyard."

That campaign includes a 60 second television commercial that begins airing on Thursday.