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Home Depot Opens In Hancock County

Waveland resident Boni Faulk has a lot of home repair and remodeling work ahead of her.

"Basically, we're just starting from 2x4s," says Faulk. "We're looking for flooring, and cabinets, sink, you know for the kitchen. Stuff like that."

And now she can find stuff like that much easier at the hurricane battered cities newest business, the Home Depot.  

"Getting to market is very important for us," says Home Depot Regional Vice President Dan Paris. "The needs of the community are very important for us also."

Paris says this 28,000-square-foot store is smaller than most, but specifically stocked for this period of Hancock County's rebuilding process.  

"Right now Waveland is in the beginning phase where we're just putting in floors, putting in doors, the insulation, drywall, all of those things."  

"Exterior doors, floor to ceiling, this whole aisle," points out Store Manager Scott Corry. "There no store out there doing this right now."  

Just around the corner Lowes is preparing to open a 94,000-square-foot store by late August. For residents, eager to rebuild and remodel here, that's more welcomed news. That means no more long and costly trips for Boni Faulk.  

"We rented a U-Haul and went to Gulfport, and picked up the material and brought it back," says Faulk. "Either that or you have to pay very expensive delivery charges."

And for Home Depot Officials, it means serving a community that has endured more than their fair share of inconveniences.  

"They're ready to rebuild," says Paris. "They really are. They want to go ahead and attack it and get it done and get it over with. It's a resilient group of people here in this area."  

by Don Culpepper

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