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Jackson County Officials Ready To Enforce New Gun Ordinance

Jackson County resident George Hafferty describes Rosewood Estates as a "nice, quiet neighborhood." But all that changed earlier this month when gunfire erupted in his neighborhood during the Fourth of July.

"Someone was being a total fool shooting a gun in the air," Hafferty says.

But what worries Hafferty is the 45 caliber slug he found outside his home after the shooting took place.

"I came out the Fourth of July, the next morning, to go somewhere and noticed a hole in the hood of the truck. The bullet, I found, underneath in the driveway. It had come down out of no where through the hood of this truck," Hafferty says.

Jackson County Supervisor John McKay says a new law prohibits people from shooting any weapons within 150 yards of an occupied dwelling in the county.

McKay says this incident is a classic example of why this law is needed.

"An ordinance is like a speed limit for those people who do not follow the laws. Just like locks don't keep honest people out, they keep crooks out. This ordinance is for people who do follow the law."

Jackson County leaders say if this outlawed behavior continues, it could turn deadly.

"Just like Mr. Hafferty, if he was standing where that projectile landed, it could have killed him or a member of his family. So the ordinance is needed and it's been needed for a long time and we are going to enforce it," says Jackson County Sherriff Mike Byrd.

"We're going to assist the Sheriff enforcing the ordinance so our children and residents can be safe on the streets,"McKay says.

Sheriff Byrd says if someone is caught in violation of the firearms ordinance they can be fined or be ordered to serve jail time.

By Patrice Clark

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