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Bigger Not Necessarily Better In The Pass

You won't see any high rises in Pass Christian and that's just the way most folks like it. Home renovations and rebuilding are underway across town and the highest buildings are townhouses on the western end. 

Dayton Robinson, Pass Christian's Planning Commission Chairman says, "The thought of high rises turns a lot of people off down here." 

He says that's why Pass Christian's smart growth plan will stick to pre-Katrina heights - 50 feet with 70 feet allowed in commercial areas with five or more acres.

Librarian Sally James says sky dominating buildings just don't blend with the Pass. 

"I think the influx of condos and the influx of strange people in Pass Christian will change our dynamics. Not that I, I love strange people, i.e. these people over here, but the thing is Pass Christian was never built or meant to be anything more than it is which is a very lovely seaside village."

Many people say the thought of tall buildings here in the Pass brings up the image of a concrete jungle. 

"I don't think they should've done it in Destin and all those places. They ruined their beaches because they thought of dollars and not communities. And I just don't think it fits in Pass Christian," Jeannie Burnam says.

Robinson says developers who tried to make high rises fit, hit a brick wall. 

"We had a hearing, a zoning hearing change on that about two years ago and the people didn't even wait 'til the planning commission had a chance to ask them any questions. By the time the people in the audience got through with them, they withdrew the application before we even got to ask questions ourselves."

Robinson says that's a sure sign that high rises most likely won't find a welcome mat in the Pass.

by Marcia Hill

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