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Volunteers Rebuild Homes, Hope, And Faith

"I know that I know. I know only the Lord is God," a group of children sang Tuesday morning.

Songs of praise and words of faith filled the halls of the YMCA center in Ocean Springs.

"We're here as part of a Christian organization," said Kentucky volunteer Dusty Grubb. "We believe in God. We believe that sharing Christ with others is what life is all about."

While one group of Columbus Baptist Association volunteers is spreading God's message through Vacation Bible School, another group is showing God's love by hanging sheet rock and rewiring homes.

"I like helping people," said Georgia volunteer Foy Pippin. "I also like to further the Gospel. And you stop and think about it. Somebody that's in need. As the good Samaritan, you help them, and you got their attention. They'll listen to you." 

Pippin is on his third trip to South Mississippi. The 63-year-old retiree believes this mission is a calling from God, because just a week ago, he was diagnosed with Diabetes.

"I lost 15 pounds, which I'm very proud of", Pippin said. "It gave me an enormous amount of energy. So in my mind, that tells me God has a plan for me. He wants me to get a lot of this work done, and I'm getting in shape to do it."

The volunteers say as long as there's a need here, they will come back and continue their ministry.  They come from Columbus, Georgia, and the mountains of Manchester, Kentucky.

The volunteers are partnering with First Baptist Church and Woodhaven Baptist Church in Ocean Springs. On Friday, they will host a free Block Party at Greyhound Stadium. The fun starts at 6 PM.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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