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Renters Say They Feel Forgotten

Brandi Moran says renters are being left out in the efforts to find housing for people who were not homeowners before Katrina. 

She, her husband, two kids and her mother-in-law live in a FEMA trailer in Biloxi. Before the hurricane, she rented a house for five years in East Biloxi. Her rent was $500 a month. 

Moran says FEMA constantly urges her to find permanent housing, but when it's time to move, Moran says she has no idea where she and her family will go. The storm took their old house, and finding another one at a similar price is proving impossible.

"There's two houses for $800 a month and once I called those, those were taken. And then the rest of them were $1,000 a month and say $1,000 deposit. People on a fixed income can't afford that." 

Moran says she and her husband can't work, so their disability money is their only income. That's about $900 a month. They pay no rent on their FEMA trailer, but with food, medicine, utilities and other expenses, it takes everything they get just to live.

"Since the storm, everything has gone up and everything has gone crazy. The disability has stayed the same, but everything else has went up."

She says renters are forgotten, and she wants to know how to get help. 

"I would like somebody to work on issues of people who are renters. You know, people who did pay their rent every month, people who are on fixed incomes, people who are elderly. They need to focus on us. You know what I'm saying? It's like they're not focusing on us."

Brandi Moran says she called WLOX News as a last resort after getting nowhere with calls to Congressman Gene Taylor and Senator Trent Lott. She says they told her plans are in the works, but there's no immediate help available for her situation.

by Marcia Hill

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