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M-DOT Searching For Tomorrow's Civil Engineers With New Math & Science Program

The bright minds that teach South Mississippi kids day by day found themselves in their students' seats learning about math and science Tuesday.

"There is a shortage of civil engineers, so M-DOT is trying to get kids interested in civil engineering by putting these programs into the schools," teacher Connie Gusmus said.

But this training course was not the usual sit down seminar. These 24 teachers combined group interaction and role playing into their learning. Through hands-on activities in the RIDES program, the Mississippi Department of Transportation hopes educators can give a fun twist to math and science.

"We are living in the MTV generation. Children want instant gratification for what they do. They do not see the long term affects of setting goals and reaching goals."

Charlene Hooks is a 5th grade teacher at Gautier Elementary. She believes more exciting programs are needed like this to help teachers promote different career fields.

"The more fun you make it for you, the more fun it is going to be for the students, and in turn the more they want to learn," Hooks said.

Alternative Learning School teacher Sidney Middelton agrees. He said teachers are always looking for more ways to educate themselves and students.

"You are never finished with learning as a teacher. I like sharing ideas and getting ideas to take back inside of classroom," Middelton said.

"The seeds we plant and how we nourish the plant determines what we get when it grows," Gusmus said.

And these educators hope this workshop will help produce more knowledgeable students.

M-DOT also donated a trunk full of math and science supplies to each teacher who participated in the two day workshop.

By Patrice Clark

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