Ladies Share Christian Love Through Quilting

They meet every Tuesday morning, sharing their Christian love through colorful, handmade creations.

The St. Joseph's Quilt Society has been getting together for the past two and a half years.

The Quilt Society makes baby blankets and crib comforters for "Morning Star" charity, a Pro-Life outreach ministry of Catholic Social Services.

Ladies who create the quilts say their effort is a true labor of love.

"Oh, the fellowship is the greatest. These are some of the best women in the world. They're here to support each other. We've had surgeries, we've had sick husbands, we've had sick grand kids and we're there for each other," said quilting society director, Therese Springer.

There are a dozen members in the St. Joseph's Quilt Society. Several didn't know anything about sewing, until they joined the group.