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Favre Foundation Contributes To Rebuilding Effort

The Brett Favre Forward Foundation made a $250,000 contribution to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Gulf Coast. Favre wasn't at the check presentation. But his wife Deanna was. And on the other end of her handoff was Boys and Girls Clubs executive director Sue Reed.

"It's a start," Reed said, referring to the Favre donation.

Reed's group needs as much help as it can get. When you walk through the front door of the Forest Heights Boys and Girls Club chapter, you get a sense of Katrina's devastation.

"That's my first thought, it's that it's not right that kids aren't able to be at their Boys and Girls Club here," the executive director said.

Walls have been gutted. Ceilings have been patched. The hurricane wiped out anything that resembled north Gulfport's Boys and Girls Club complex.

"It's just bad to see it like this," Reed said. "But we do know what's coming."

What's coming is on several colorful posters. It's the future look of what's being called the Boys and Girls Clubs' Hope Center. Reed showed the new concept Mrs. Favre.

"Anything toward rebuilding provides hope to a lot of people in this area," Favre said.

The Brett Favre Forward Foundation supports groups that work with children. So the star quarterback, his wife, and their foundation's board donated $250,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Gulf Coast. The check should help rebuild the Forest Heights Hope Center.

"I think any donation right now provides hope," Mrs. Favre said.

Hope is one way to describe a project that closes one door and opens another. The Boys and Girls Club likes rejuvenation.

"I love the name," gushed Reed, "because it's a rejuvenation to this area, for the kids and the families here."

The 12 letter word is on the bottom of every picture that showcases the clubs' post Katrina look.

"It's going to come back bigger and better than it ever was with the help of people like the Favre Foundation and people all over the country," said Reed.

People all over the country include the Rockworks Foundation. That group has agreed to raise the money necessary to rebuild the damaged Boys and Girls Club facilities.  And a New York architect named Daniel Libeskind is designing the new look hope center.

The Forest Heights complex will be completed first. It could be finished by the end of 2007.

by Brad Kessie

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