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Lasting Friendships Forged Out Of Destruction

The Hurricane Katrina Memorial tells a story without even saying a word, and hundreds of people are coming to see this story on a daily basis, even though they already know how it ended.

But at the nearby shoofly, new stories are unfolding about newfound friendships post-Katrina.

That's where we found the "two Barbaras".

"My house is near Katrina's Kitchen. And so I was down there and met them, and we just became friends. And they did some volunteer work at my house helping me," says Pass Christian resident Barbara Hannah.

And during that time, a special friendship sprouted between Barbara Hannah of Pass Christian and Barbara Brannon of Molton, Alabama.

For months now, these two have kept in touch by phone at least twice a month, which is special to Brannon simply because she only came here to help people in need.

"You can't imagine the people that we've met, and the love that they show you in appreciation. It's just wonderful. And it's not all about just helping them get their house back together. It's the family that you make," says Brannon.

And this new family continues to help rebuild Barbara Hannah's home and say they will not stop until it is complete.

But they took a break to come to Katrina's Memorial to reflect on the event that brought them together - remembering a sad story of the past, and looking forward to maintaining a precious story of friendship in the future.

"No matter how bad it looks, there is always a way. And God makes that way, and if you just look to God, everything is taken care of," says Brannon.

Barbara Brannon and her husband Larry are also working to rebuild two other South Mississippi homes.

By Karla Redditte

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