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3 Doors Down Perform At First Coliseum Concert Post-Katrina

As thousands of people waited anxiously outside of the Coliseum to see two of their favorite rock bands, members of 3 Doors Down were just as anxious to hit the stage in their home state of Mississippi.

"It's always great to come home but this time it's a little special because it's the first show back in the coliseum and it's gonna be a great experience to open it back up and watch some life come back," says Brad Arnold.

In the late 90s, this group made up of Jackson County natives exploded into the national spotlight, topping numerous charts with songs like "Kryptonite" and winning awards almost instantly.

Saturday night, these self-described hometown boys are sharing the stage with those legends of Southern rock, Lynard Skynard - something they used to only dream of.

"It's been a privilege for all of us,especially that they are a southern band and we are too and we grew up listening to those guys. So it's been amazing and surreal to play with those guys and it's been probably the best tour, it's been the shortest tour we've done unfortunately, but it's been the best tour we've done and we've had a lot of fun," says Matt Roberts.

With each concert, the members promise their fans nothing but pure rock and roll, but this time, it will be just a little bit more meaningful.

"I just feel very fortunate to be back in the coliseum. I feel that Biloxi and Gulfport and this area in general, everyone is just so dang tired of working and working and trying to get back in their houses, trying to get back and just working their fingers to the bone. This is a nice getaway for them I think and Skynard and 3 Doors Down and Top of the Orange. If they can't get it out of their head for 4 hours tonight, then it just can't be got out of their head," says Chris Henderson.   

On December 2, 3 Doors Down will host its 3rd annual Better Life Foundation Benefit at the Mobile Civic Center.

By Karla Redditte

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