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Coliseum Prepares To Host First Concert Post-Katrina

Coliseum Director, Bill Holmes, listened to the first sound check the coast coliseum has heard in 11 months.

And to many, this is music to their ears because this is the sound of life moving forward.

"It's like seeing an old friend come back to life. She's gonna dance. She's gonna sing. It's gonna be good," says Holmes.

This day is emotional for Holmes because so much work has gone into making the coliseum a place where people can come back and have fun again.

"It's its old self in a sense, but it's brand new inside. As you notice, all the seats on the floor are brand new. Every seat on the terrace, the telescopes, the balcony is all brand new. We've redone the bathrooms. We're still waiting on glass as you see coming through. The glass has been ordered. The frames are up, but the high end back glass is gonna take about three to four weeks," says Holmes.

Holmes says crews have been working through the night for the last couple of weeks to make sure everything falls into place.

But just because the coliseum is starting to look more like its former self, does not mean the renovation is complete.

"We still have about 10-15 percent to do in the restrooms. All the power has been replaced, but we still have all the dressing rooms, the green room, the conference room, the offices, all of that now," says Holmes.

This, coupled with the insulation that must be replaced in the building, will make for extremely busy weeks in the months ahead.

But that work is in the future.

Saturday night belongs to rock and roll South Mississippi style.

"I'm excited because the people are gonna come and they are gonna have another great experience and memories and they are gonna forget about some of the pain that we've been through," said Holmes.

Holmes says the group Three Doors Down actually called and asked to make South Mississippi the last stop of their tour.

The doors of the coliseum will open at 6 p.m.    

By Karla Redditte 

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