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Pass Christian Mayoral Candidates Answer Public's Questions

The first question of the evening - what would be your short and long term plans for economic revitalization for the city?

"We're gonna have to do our part to get the infrastructure fixed back up which we will be doing. We'll have to get some people to come in and take over the downtown area and open up what we had before, the quaint and family shops that we had down there with the restaurants that brought all the people from all over the coast," says mayoral candidate Chipper McDermott.

"My thoughts are that we first need to clean our town, groom it, so that businesses are anxious to come down and see what we have, and we have to be a business friendly town. We need to let them know that we do want them here," says mayoral candidate Alice Russell.

"North Street is a wonderful area for development and it is virtually untouched. Our downtown is not the only area that is available for development, but few people would know what Pass Christian has to offer," says mayoral candidate Margaret Jean Kalif.

Each candidate briefly answered about nine questions posed by various residents, including the questions of what are your greatest strengths, what is the most urgent problem in the city and your plans to solve that problem, and also what are the roles of condos and casinos in the city's future?

"Casinos is not a word that's in my vocabulary for Pass Christian," says Russell.

"I'm not opposed to condos. I'm opposed to seeing a condo above a tree," said Kalif.

"Now on condos, I don't agree with everything they're saying. It would be not only something that would bring economy and income to the Pass and into the coffers of the city. It would also be protection for those of us who live down that way," said McDermott. 

Based on these answers, Pass Christian residents will decide who is the best person for the job as mayor on August 8.

The forum was sponsored by the Pass Christian Chamber of Commerce and the Gazebo Gazette.  

By Karla Redditte

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