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More Shopping Options for Gulfport

   By the beginning of the new year, O'Charley's and Cracker Barrel will open their doors as will a new Hancock Bank Branch at the Crossroads Mall. Marketing agent Brooks Holstein says the center's success is a strong selling point to snag more merchants. "The retailers are all at or above their performance projections by 20 to 30-percent with a few exceptions and that really makes it easy for us because we've established a track record with the retailers to say come look at this center, it's extremely successful," says Holstein.  So successful, Holstein says, that plans are underway to add another 3-hundred thousand square feet of retail space. "Which is about eight businesses which would bring the center to about a million square feet, makin' it in the top five largest centers in the state and that was always our goal and our vision that the developers had."

   Until it's a done deal, Holstein says he can't reveal the companies that are negotiating to open here. But he says if you look at the existing tenants, you'll notice certain types of stores are missing. "Particulary middle to high price women's ready to wear, so obviously we would be lookin' at an Ann Taylor or other GAP brands. The Gap/Old Navy here is extremely successful so we would love to have a Banana Republic, we would love to have a Baby Gap and a Gap store," he says.  Holstein say he also has high hopes that talks will come through with what he describes as a major anchor store that has only one other location in Mississippi.

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