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Plans Presented To Council For Post Katrina Biloxi

"Please review this now with the open mind with which it was developed," Retired Lt. General Clark Griffith asks Biloxi City Council members. "This is not the perfect answer. There is no perfect answer."

Griffith presented to Biloxi city leaders the completed recommendations of the Reviving the Renaissance Steering Committee.  He then joined the standing room only crowd to hear the recommendations of Living Cities, a non-profit group of urban planners who presented their vision of post-Katrina East Biloxi.

"Biloxi has coming to it a tremendous amount of economic growth," says Gordon Brigham, the Gulf Coast Consultant for Living Cities. "And without a plan, that growth isn't necessarily going to end this city up looking and being the kind of city it ought to be."

Both plans are bold. They reserve more green space in flood prone areas, a retail and entertainment district on the eastern point of the city, public access to the waterfront and most importantly affordable housing in higher elevations.  

"The catalyst is we have got an overall plan that we can start this revision of the renaissance that we enjoyed prior to Katrina," says Griffith.  

Citizen reaction was mixed, but mostly positive.  

"The economic development model assigns no apparent value to the heritage and culture to the area," worried one citizen.   

Another told the council, "We need to go look at other cities that have adopted these plans to see how they worked."

City leaders must now digest and reconcile the various recommendations in the two plans. But all seem to agree with Mayor A.J. Holloway's final assessment.  

"We need to move and we need to move fast," says Holloway. "And I look forward to working with you to get that momentum back."  

If you'd like to take a closer look at the rebuilding plans being considered, click the following links:

by Don Culpepper

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