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Gulfport City Leaders Begin 2007 Budget Meetings

The first of a series of meetings to address Gulfport's 2007 budget was held Thursday afternoon.

Chief Financial Officer Mike Necaise presented Mayor Warr and City Council members with a series of suggestions for the upcoming budget. The group identified a few issues and concerns, and spoke about resources available.

Necaise said Gulfport's budget started off this year in greater financial condition than they ever had in the city's history.

According to Mayor Warr, the city faces a number of financial challenges, but he is optimistic about Gulfport's future.

"We don't want Hurricane Katrina to drive the agenda too much longer. We do have a lot more recovery things that we have to do, but there are other areas of the city that are needing attention. We want to make sure we continue our efforts on those projects, on water, sewer and storm water drainage in the northern part of the city," Mayor Warr said.

The mayor said the city is currently working on the widening and expansion at Creosote Road. He hopes that project will be completed in the near future.

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