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Shrimp Season Going Better Than Expected

The shrimp season opened with very little dock space available for the few boats that rode out the hurricane. To make matters worse, Katrina wiped out most local ice houses. So deck hands had no way to freeze their catch.

Slowly but surely, that problem is going away.

Just two weeks ago, the owners of St. Michael's Ice and Fuel house in east Biloxi repaired their ice machine. After that, fishermen started lining up to buy ice, and sell shrimp.

"I tell you what, they've got a lot of happy fishermen. And I'm happy too, because all that spending money is starting to make money," ice house owner David Luke said.

According to the DMR, the 2006 shrimp season has been "amazing" so far. The shrimpers who are working are bringing in more shrimp than anybody can remember.

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