No Mail Threat In Mississippi

Two more Washington D-C mail carriers have come down with the inhaled form of anthrax. Two other employees, from the same facility, died from anthrax related symptoms. The presence of this disease has raised concerns for postal workers across the United States. But here in Mississippi, the bio terrorist threat is still not strong enough to trigger extra safety measures among workers.

The largest post office in the state is in downtown Jackson. It's not mandatory for employees to wear gloves. "Our employees have access to gloves if they choose to wear them. Some do because of the material nature of their jobs in that the environment is fairly dry and their hands will get dry and chapped and cracked and so they wear gloves for that but not necessarily for protection against diseases in their letters," said Postal Inspector, Guy Robinson.

The downtown post office handles more than 5 million pieces of mail per day. Statistically, inspectors say, your mail is very safe.