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Pass Woman Fears For Family In Lebanon

"This is actually what the Lebanese drink coffee from," said Margaret Jean Kalif as she picked up a small, white cup.

The Pass Christian resident discovered some of the treasures that miraculously survived Katrina.

"It's amazing, because this was in the dining room," she said. "And this is an Apothecary jar from Lebanon."

The precious collection of Lebanese artifacts and mementos help Kalif connect to her ancestry.

"It's part of my heritage," said Kalif. "My grandparents, my dad's parents, and my mom's parents both came from Lebanon. We were raised in the traditional Lebanese way."

Kalif compares living in Lebanon right now to experiencing another Katrina.

"They have to go into their bomb shelters and in the bomb shelters, they had to store food and water," Kalif said. "If you can imagine living that day in and day out. On just the edge of life, not knowing if any moment a bomb will come into your home and kill you or a loved one."

Kalif says her cousins and other relatives living near Beirut, Lebanon, are among the innocent people caught in the middle of a terror campaign.

"These are civilians that are being killed, in Lebanon and Israel," Kalif said. "And this is not Lebanon's war. These terrorists are being sponsored by Iran and Syria. It just happened to be in the country with the weakest military. So it's easy for those terrorists to come in to Lebanon."

"You can see she's in perfect shape," Kalif said as she picked up a statue of the Mother Mary.

Kalif believes in the power of prayer. She now turns to God to bring peace to her native land.

"It makes me feel very, very sad," Kalif said. "There's enough land for everybody to live peacefully side by side. But I think as long as the powerful countries don't step in, and say 'enough,' innocents are going to continue to be maimed and killed."

Kalif says she is thankful none of her relatives have been hurt or killed in the recent fighting. However, several of her cousins were killed in a previous war involving Lebanon.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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