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Classmates Combine Reunion And Rebuilding

"We're going to scrape first. We've got to prime that wood. And then scrape and paint up there," said one volunteer to another.

The home improvement volunteers were classmates at Harrison Central 20 years ago.

"We're going to need a ladder or something," said the valedictorian to a group of fellow workers.

Between the scraping and the painting there's plenty of catching up to do.

"And she said, 'I went to law school with him. And she said, you are kidding! Small world.'"

That small world means classmates everywhere saw what Katrina did. Reunion planners decided the Class of '86 should help out.

Gina DeO'Campo was class president.

"You know, it's so close to our heart. Just watching it on the news. It's very devastating. So, we really thought of the need to, while we're here, let's do it."

These thirty-somethings adapt well to the assignment.

"All right, you're doing quite well," said one to another.

A smile or laugh is never far away.

"We haven't seen some of these people for ten, twenty years. It's just amazing. You pick right up and you're like, you know, 'What are you wearing tonight?' You're back into it," said Melissa Panger.

"We had a lot of classes together. Cindy was the cute one, the little cute adorable one. That was you Cindy," said Korena Kerner.

"Oh no!" was Cindy's prompt reply.

"Oh yes it was," Kerner teased.

"Oh, Melissa, please be careful!" shouted the class president.

 The valedictorian was on the roof again. Classmates know she's smart enough to be careful. If not, it'll be another story to share at the get togethers this weekend.

The "Class of '86" invites all former classmates to this weekend's activities. They're having a social at Lookout 49 Friday night, a family picnic Saturday at the high school and an "80s Party" Saturday night at the Orange Grove Community Center.

By Steve Phillips

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