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New ThermaSAVE Home Designed To Withstand Storms

Equipment prepared the driveway while volunteers inside were are equally busy.

Just minutes before an open house at 609 Tennessee Street, work crews scrambled with the last minute preps. As workers painted the porch, others installed a door knob.

"All right, come on in! How are you today?" said Rev. Eddie Hartwell, as he welcomed home owner Helen Arnott.

Arnott and her daughter are quite impressed.

"Still have some fixing up and finishing up to do. Time kind of ran up on me a little closer than I thought it would," admitted Rev. Hartwell.

The last minute rush doesn't matter to the happy owner. Home sweet home is an answered prayer.

"It's all because of Him, it really is. I prayed on it and asked even before the storm because my house was so old and falling apart. Then after the storm they just came up to me and offered it to me. I never asked a human being for it, I only asked God, and He delivered," said the happy home owner.

"Bless this home again. Father we ask you that it be a place of rest, a place of peace, a place of comfort, a place of joy," said Rev. Hartwell during a prayer of dedication.

Made of foam panels sandwiched between concrete boards, the new home should also be a place of safety.

Hoot Haddock invented the ThermaSAVE materials.

"The main benefit is that we are good for 200 mile an hour winds. No earthquake will bother it. And if it does flood, all you've go to do is clean inside and out. It will not absorb moisture and will not have the mold or mildew," he said.

Investors are planning a ThermaSAVE plant in the Long Beach Industrial Park.

"All the machinery is bought. Hoot's got the building. He's going to fabricate on our say so, so we can start putting the foundation and footing up. So hopefully we can have the plant and building up by September first," said Joe LaRocco.

The project will mean more ThermaSAVE homes in the area. Like Helen Arnott's.

It will also mean jobs. Initially, about 15 workers will be needed for the ThermaSAVE plant. That number could double if the building technology proves popular.  

By Steve Phillips

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