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Anti-Abortion Rallies To Be Held In Jackson

The demonstration started early with scornful preaching combined with prayer and rallying to save the lives of the unborn.

Operation Save America, or O-S-A, is in Jackson for eight days to push for the closing of the Jackson Women's Health Center on State Street. It's the only abortion clinic still operating in Mississippi.

Seven women were seen at the clinic Saturday morning. It opened and closed early so the women could avoid the protestors. Jackson police were present to keep the peace, amid the heckling of some members of the crowd.

"The police department is doing everything it can to support the killing of baby boys and girls and therefore bloodshed will continue to course the corridors of our schools, workplaces, streets," protests Reverend Flip Benham, Director of O-S-A.

Benham says his people aren't protesting, they're spreading the word of the gospel. A security consultant for the clinic feels otherwise.

"We know Mr. Benham is quite agitated because he has not been given a free hand to violate city laws, and stand in the street and disrupt traffic as he normally does," says McCoy Faulkner of the National Women's Health Organization.

Members of Pro-Life Mississippi also took part in the demonstration like Richard Miller.

"The greatest state of emergency is trying to close this clinic down because they're killing innocent children," says Miller.

At least 200 anti-abortion activists are expected to converge on Jackson for the series of rallies.

The group also held a rally last night on County Line Road in Jackson, but they were shut down by police because they didn't have a permit for their sound system.

Web story by: Carrie Duncan

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