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Camp Coast Care Continues To Fulfill Its Mission

Very few homes remain standing here on Clark Street, but one of the ones that barely survived Katrina is getting a little help from this small group of volunteers.

They come from near and far, hailing from Greenwood, Mississippi to Boston, Massachusetts.

But their common goal is to help breathe new life into a community that Katrina left as a skeleton of what it used to be.

"We're doing some sheetrocking. The installation was pulled out and dry wall was pulled out, so we're just putting it back in," says volunteer project coordinator Tom Routhe.

They join various other volunteers of Camp Coast Care who have rotated in and out of this home on a weekly basis, each time adding something new.

The opportunity to do something like this is what brought college student Sterling Pratt to South Mississippi on his summer break.

He's already been here for over a month.

"I think that if we were all to log in a little bit of time down here, we would get all the work done rather quickly. And plus it really doesn't matter how much time you spend down here as far as if you just come down here for a couple of days, that's still great. That's still two more people we can have on a work crew hanging sheetrock," says Pratt.

And that would mean more lives, homes, and communities would return to normal.

And "normal" is what these volunteers hope the owners of this home will experience as soon as everything is complete.

"We hope to see the occupants back into it. Hopefully, we'll get the spackle on here and the electrical back in and maybe a fan or two, air conditioning," says Routhe.  

Camp Coast Care is a church-based organization made up of Lutherans and Episcopalians from all over the country.

By Karla Redditte

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