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More Contractor Woes In Bay St. Louis

Scott says, "When I spoke with the man, I won't call him a gentleman. When I spoke to the man about doing the whole job, I said I want a turn key job."

Elroy Scott hired James Frier, a contractor from Florida, to repair his waterfront home in Bay St. Louis. In April, Scott signed a 36-thousand dollar contract for Frier to make electrical and plumbing repairs, new sheetrock, doors, paint the inside, new kitchen cabinets, replace the rotten wood on the outside of the house, paint and put on a new roof.

Some work has been done, but a week ago James Frier left the job.

"I have not seen one bill. I've not seen one piece of material that's suppose to be here, and he has turned away from me totally. I want to do whatever I can to make him see justice," says Scott.

When A.J. contacted James Frier on his cell phone, he said he left the job because he wants an additional 15-thousand dollars to do the electrical work and pay for his workers.

"Who pays your workers? You pay the workers, are does he pay the workers?" A.J. Giardina asks on the phone. "He gave you 36-thousand. He gave you what the price is on the contract. So how come you're adding this extra stuff in?"

Scott says, "Is he crazy, or he thinks I'm crazy? Why would I give that stupid thief 15-thousand dollars? He had the 15 thousand dollars. He told me he was broke. I said what's the matter. I said how much do you need? Well, I don't have money to buy the refrigerator or the french doors. I said how much you need? He said two-thousand dollars."

Scott said he paid Frier an additional two-thousand dollars to buy a refrigerator and french doors. They were never delivered. Scott says his next stop will be the courthouse.

"I'm going to an attorney, and I'm going to sue him for 50-thousand dollars,"says Scott.

One of men who has done some work with James Frier, didn't want to be identified, but told A.J. he believes a mistake was made on the Scott job bid. The cost of the work really is more than 36-thousand dollars.

That worker told A.J., he and other workers haven't been paid for the job. Again, Mr. Scott says he's now hired a lawyer.

By A.J. Giardina

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