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Home Building Project Just For The Birds

"Oh, that's beautiful Courtney!" one girl told her friend.

"Look at his!" said another girl.

There was a good reason why the children were so excited as they flocked around an arts table Friday. They were busy building houses, but not for humans. The houses were actually for the birds.

"We're trying to rebuild the habitat by building what?" asked their teacher.

"Bird houses!" the children shouted.

The children in the "Coast Walk About" summer program in Moss Point came up with the building project, after they noticed so many trees were knocked down by Katrina.

"A lot of kids noticed an increase in the insect population and they saw a lot of downed trees," said Mozart Dedeaux. He is the Coordinator of Arts Integration in the Moss Point School District.

"See that kind of tree up there for different Woodpecker species?" Dedeaux asked the children as he pointed to a tree. "Tons of those fell in the hurricane too."

"All these trees over here.  When they fell down, those birds didn't have nowhere to lay their eggs or nothing like that," said 12 year old Amber Boren. "It's kind of sad in a way, because just picture yourself as a bird that didn't have a home to live."

So Amber and about 100-other children are trying to lure the birds back home.

"I had made a little window, so to give it a little decoration," Amber said as she described her bird house.

Each house is built with a lot of love.

"On the back, I had put a heart," said Amber. "Because I really love the birds and everything, Because I can't see a bird or anything get killed or anything."

When asked how he felt when he was building his house, 12 year old Kejuan Coleman answered "Important, because I did something for the community."

It's a community they hope will once again be filled with feathered friends.

"We have people from all over the world come to this area exclusively to do bird watching," said Dedeaux. "This is a way to increase the economic flow into the community as well."

The bird houses will go on display at an art show on July 19.  After that, the children will work with the Audubon Society to distribute the houses throughout the Moss Point community.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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