Katrina Homeowner Assistance Registration Ending

Mississippi Development Authority will stop making appointments for both of its homeowner assistance programs July 21.

"Homeowners who had flood damage during Hurricane Katrina must call 866-369-6302 by July 21 to make an appointment and make application at one of our service centers by July 28, " said Scott Hamilton, director of communications for MDA.

"This is the last chance. As the Governor has said, we can't promise anyone a loan or a grant, but if we don't hear from you we can't help you."

Katrina Homeowner Grant

MDA is currently accepting applications for the Katrina Homeowner Grant. This grant of up to $150,000 is available to homeowners who lived outside the pre-Katrina flood zone, yet whose homes were damaged by storm surge.

Because of discrepancies between insurance values and replacement costs for many properties, MDA is making a modification that will result in many qualified applicants receiving up to 35 percent more funds.

Owner-occupied single-family homes, duplexes and manufactured housing are eligible under this program.

Katrina Homeowner Assistance Registration

MDA is accepting registrations of need from homeowners whose homes were damaged by storm surge, but were not eligible for the Katrina Homeowner Grant.

Homeowners with incomes of up to $43,000 for a single person or $63,300 for a family of four are asked to call 866-369-6302 immediately to make an appointment.

While no specific program is in place at this time, by registering MDA can develop additional programs that might be useful.

For more information on the Katrina Homeowner Grants or Housing Assistance Registration, please call 866-369-6302 or go to www.msHomeHelp.gov.