Taylor Criticizes Decision to Close House

Congressman Gene Taylor says there is work to do in the nation's capital, and he says the Senate wisely chose to stay on the job.

"I wish we had stayed in session. Everyone's trying to be agreeable because of the war situation, but I think this is one time where Gephart should have disagreed with Dennis Hastert and said we need to stay. They both came to the agreement, Democrats and Republicans, to shut the House down to test the ventilation systems."

"It's important to be prudent, and I think it's really important not to over-react. I fear that the speaker's call was an over-reaction."

Taylor says right now high profile people and symbols of America, like the pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, seem to be the intended terrorist targets.

"It was pretty clever, it was sick of them, but it was also pretty clever of them to target people in the media, because that way, they knew the story would get out, high profile people like Tom Brokaw, high profile people like some of the other folks at CBS, Dan Rather's assistant. But as a rule they have not shown up at small town America."

Taylor points that out a handful of terrorists can't be everywhere. Still, he reminds people to be careful.

"Should you take some precautions? Yes. Do I think the World Series could quite possibly be a target? Yes, I do, and I think I need to say that. Is Superbowl in New Orleans a target? Yes, I believe it, and I would discourage my own family from going to it. But I'm not going to discouage it from going to a Stanislaus game, the Bay High game, the Biloxi game, the George County game, the Hattiesburg High game, go about your lives."