Tent Revivals Lift Spirits Of Hurricane Victims

"Glory. Hallelujah! Since I laid my burdens down," the crowd sang.

Sounds of praise rang through a huge tent in D'Iberville Tuesday.

"It's time to wake up your faith," one preacher shouted.

More than 100 people gathered to worship. Many shared the same pain.

Timothy Woods is a member of the National Baptist Convention of America.

"There are so many people who are still displaced, still trying to get jobs, still trying to get back in their homes, looking for family members. They just need a lift."

"God said, 'The faith I have given you, is to trust in me, to rely in me.' That faith is able to hold you up against Katrina, Rita or any other storm," the preacher told the crowd.

No one knows more about survival and sorrow than Tenyeka Gibson of Biloxi.

"I lost everything," said Tenyeka Gibson. "My mother lost her house. My aunt lost her house. I lost a lot of things. On Christmas Eve, I lost my son, and it just made us stronger."

Finding strength after tragedy. The revival gave Katrina survivors time to rejuvenate their faith, lift their spirits, and start healing.

"I feel like I can make it. The storm is over now," sang a little girl.

"I'm seeing people who are just looking for hope," said Woods. "They're trying to persevere and hold on. And if we can just get them to do that a little while longer, I believe everything is going to be fine."

"We need to be closer together," said Roy Thurman of Biloxi. "Black, white, Oriental, Mexican, it don't make no difference. We found that out since the hurricane that we are all one people, and I'm just so happy to be here today. I feel revived."

More Tent Revivals will be held at 11:30 AM and 7:00 PM on Wednesday and Thursday at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church on Automall Parkway in D'Iberville.