Moss Point Artist Brings Colorful Creations To City Streets

"It was a challenge an artist comes upon once in a lifetime, so I jumped at it," Bill Nelson says.

For five months, artist Bill Nelson has dedicated his time and talent to creating colorful murals depicting what he calls "the rebirth of Moss Point."

"Everybody had seen the destruction. I didn't think that was necessary to document. To me it is a recovery process."

And through the Legacy Project, which promotes redevelopment in Moss Point, Nelson's artistic visions will be displayed on the city's streets.

"My viewer is not standing 15 feet back looking at a painting in a museum. These people are 100 yards away, they have to recognize what they see."

"I hope it will open their eyes to what Moss Point is, and the beauty of Moss Point."

The unique thing about these works of art is that each piece symbolizes a part of Moss Point's history and its future.

"This mural was inspired by the beauty of the Iris of a flower that grows around here, and it is something I have painted all my life."

"This represents Moss Point, the engine is moving forward along with beauty of the environment we live within."

But Nelson says one of his most eye catching pieces is his recreation of the Escatawpa River, which represents life after Katrina.

"The centerpiece is the bird, and it is the post-Katrina idea of mine that it is taking flight - a literal transition of a new beginning."

A beginning Nelson says will lead to much brighter future for Moss Point.