Long Beach Board Of Aldermen Overturns Decision

More controversy in Long Beach. This time it concerns debris removal.

Last week, by a unanimous vote, the Board asked the Ethics Committee look into a debris contract. Monday night, they changed their minds. That vote was four to three, and came during a special meeting.

Alderman Richard Burton was one of the three who wanted the ethics commission to go ahead with its investigation.

"Why would we not want an ethics opinion, which could possibly help us?" Burton asked.

Burton also questioned why the city attorney had not yet contacted the ethics commission.

"The city could be held liable if there are improprieties with the assignment of that contract."

Mayor Billy Skellie supported the board's change of heart.

"I think that the board felt that Alderman Boggs should request that from the Ethics, on his own, not as a board," Boggs said.

City officials did not say who the debris removal contract is with. However, the board did authorize payment of nearly $329,000 to Alabama Emergency Response and Recovery for debris work already done. It was also voted in by a narrow margin - four to three.

Monday's special meeting was requested by Alderman Allen Holder and Richard Bennett.