24 Hour Child Care Center In Long Beach Restored

Save the Children, Chevron, the Kellogg Corporation and Mississippi State University have all partnered up to rebuild Coastal Child Care facilities.

This new initiative is aimed at meeting the needs of children in storm affected areas.

"The cow jumped over the moon. the little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon," Rebecca Dickensauge, owner of Imagination Station recites one of her favorite nursery rhymes as she puts the final touches on one of her murals.

Dickensauge hand painted all of the murals that line her centers walls.

She believes she was born to take care of children.

"I am very excited I can't wait to get the children back in the building," said Dickensauge.

After Katrina caved in the front of her building and blew off the roof, Dickensauge had no idea what she was going to do next.

But after pairing up with Save the Children, she was able to see things a little bit clearer.

"I was very relieved. I already knew I could not do it by myself," said Dickensauge.

Jeanne'Aimee DeMarrais of Save the Children, says serving the needs of Coastal communities has been rewarding for everyone involved.

"It's been incredibly encouraging to see the recovery centers here on the coast as the child care centers reopen one by one," said DeMarris.

This site is just one of 33 child care centers Save the Children have helped to rebuild.

Care givers such as Rebecca Dickensauge is overwhelmed by their generosity.

DeMarrais like Dickensauge is excited about the new center.

She says these children are survivors who deserve to enjoy the simple things in life.

"The most exciting thing is to see the children's faces. To see the children laugh again and comeback to a sense of normalcy in their life," said DeMarrais.

"Its gonna be a wonderful place for children to play again," said Dickensauge.

If you need help rebuilding your child care center, Save The Children would like to hear from you.

Visit their website at www.savethechildren.org

To contact the Imagination Station call 868-6006