11- Year Old Cancer Survivor Remains Positive Despite Hurdles

This was Brianna Cuevas a year ago, coming home from school, her first day of facing classmates after being told she had stage three Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

But this all-star softball team player and model quickly developed her own plan to face adversity.

" Anyone who is gonna go through this, the three things you've gotta have- you gotta have a strong faith in God, and you've got to have a great personality, and a positive attitude," said Cuevas.

Even now, with her hair a bit shorter and with perhaps a little less energy, she can still light up a room with her smile and her spirit.

A surprise "Fear Factor" party was held in Brianna's honor this weekend at the Long Beach Community Center, sponsored by the Make A Wish Foundation.

The group wanted to do something to take Brianna's mind off of everything she has been through this year, including heading to Memphis after Hurricane Katrina.

"We ended up going to St. Jude which was a blessing. Brianna has gone through being in a wheelchair. She has lost all of her hair. The treatments were very tough on her physically and mentally. And of course being away from home and family is really trying," said Brianna's mother Alissa.

And it still is.

She still has to make regular trips to St. Jude for tests, just to see if the cancer is spreading.

And although she still upholds her three elements of beating cancer, she says sometimes, it gets a bit hard.

"Sometimes I get a little negative like why did this happen to me, why and stuff like that but that strong faith of God comes in. That he did this for a reason,"said Cuevas.

She says she hasn't figured out the reason yet, but knows she will one day. But until that day comes, she is still thankful.

"I want to thank everyone out there for supporting me and stuff and giving blood," said Cuevas.

Briana's wish of going on a Disney Cruise will come true on July 16th, thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

After that, she will celebrate another milestone in her life, her 12th birthday on July 25th.