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Couple Credits Faith For Saving Pascagoula Home From Katrina

"It was just unreal the devastation of the coast," Jean Rogers says.

Including Beach Boulevard in Pascagoula, where many beautiful homes once stood overlooking the water are now reduced to rubble after Katrina.

"I have been here a long time and I never seen anything comes close to it," Jack Rogers says.  "It was like something you see overseas where a bomb had been dropped or something."

Jean and Jack Rogers just knew the home they built before Katrina couldn't possibly be spared from the catastrophic storm.

"It was just a normal house," says Jean Rogers.

 But while nearly all the homes in the area were reduced to slabs, the couple was shocked to discvoer the normal two story home was left practically untouched.

"I cried. It bought tears to my eyes, it was just heart warming.  I was very satisfied and amazed it stood when some of them did not stand," says Jean Rogers.

But the Roger's say it was not the bricks or extra nails put in the home that kept it intact.

They credit these living quarters to a higher power.

"It is not about my husband building the house, and he does do a good job, but is more about God.  I said thank the good Lord I was very happy," says Jean Rogers. 

The couple says when they finished building their home back in 1997,  they along with the homeowners held a special ceremony dedicating the home in God's name.

A plaque marking the occasion was also put outside the house.

"Dedicated to the glory of God, this time the seventh day of March in the year of 1997 Pascagoula Mississippi."

And miracously that plaque still sits in place.  

The Roger's say it's a sign the home will be protected for years to come.

"It makes me fell good to pass this home and see what my husband built. It is a tribute to him and to me but God mostly," says Jean Rogers. 

By Patrice Clark

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